Selector Dub Narcotic - This Party Is Just Getting Started

Release Date: September 16th 2016

Artist Information

  • Label: K
  • Genre: NW soul garage
  • Hometown: Olympia, WA


Selector Dub Narcotic is the pseudonym of choice for Calvin Johnson.

This Party Is Just Getting Started is an exercise in ecstatic genre-smashing, was made in collaboration with producer Smoke M2D6 at Dub Narcotic Studios in Olympia, WA and Smoke’s studio, The Bass Mint. Its 14 tracks pull listeners through hypnotic dance beats, wild, unravelling linear imaginings of pop melodies, and Johnson’s perennial deadpan croon.

Johnson's work in underground culture started as a teenage fan volunteering at his local community radio station, KAOS-FM. He moved on to writing for fanzines, organizing music and film events and playing music in various ill-fated bands. He established K, a local-oriented media outlet, in 1982.

In 1993, Calvin founded Dub Narcotic Studio in which he has documented the work of artists such as Mirah, the Blow, Versus, Built to Spill, Fitz of Depression, Make-Up and Little Wings. It has also been the incubator of many of Johnson’s own experiments in collaboration and self-expression, such as Beat Happening, Halo Benders, Dub Narcotic Sound System, and of course, Selector Dub Narcotic.

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