Corinne Sharlet - Hail Mary single

Release date: September 27th

Artist Information

  • Label: independent release
  • Genre: indie folk
  • Hometown: Portland, OR
  • Influences: Thom Yorke, Yasmine Hamden, Nancy Sinatra
  • Sounds like: Margo Price, Lera Lynn, Sharon Van Etten


A dark, alluring sound has been seductively calling to indie singer-songwriter, Corinne Sharlet, over the years as she fronted bands. Eventually she couldn’t resist the pull of the cinematic outlaw music spinning in her head. Today, Corinne formally announces her solo career with ethereal indie-folk debut EP, Deceiver, to be proceeded by the single, Hail Mary.

“Until now, I was afraid to stand on my own and say ‘I can do this’, I can be a solo artist, which has always been what I wanted deep down. I learned that I could trust myself to be able to take the sound I’ve been hearing in my head and make it a reality,” the Portland, Oregon-based artist shares. “It was a really hard a decision to leave the band because I felt bad about letting them down, but I realized that by staying in bands I was denying the vision I had for my music.”

With her new solo project, Corinne whisks the listener away with moody atmospherics, dynamic touches that contrast feminine and guttural moments with pulsing beats. Her vocal melodies twist and turn in sweetly unexpected ways, and her lyrics poetically express timeless longing. She counts Thom Yorke and Lebanese vocalist Yasmine Hamdan (solo artist, lead singer of Soapkills) as sources of inspiration for her eclectic sound.

Hail Mary is a cleverly-arranged, journey of a song that builds from sparse acoustic guitar to cinematic grandeur with its textures and layers. "It developed into a sort of mythical story that has a nostalgic quality to it.” Corinne expresses. “The song explores the different ways we seek comfort and guidance in times of heartbreak, which is what songwriting does for me.”

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