Artist Information

  • Label: self-released
  • Genre: indie rock / soul
  • Hometown: San Francisco, CA
  • Influences: Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones, Band of Horses
  • Sounds like: Alabama Shakes, Jenny Lewis, J. Roddy Walston & the Business


San Francisco has long been one of America’s most expensive cities to live in and with professional music becoming an increasingly thankless endeavor, one has to wonder what will happen to the artistic population who earn the city its reputation as a cultural hub. It is this dichotomy that inspires the darkened mood on Vandella’s upcoming EP, and while the Northern Californian five-piece are disillusioned by the current state of affairs at home, they are by no means giving up.

Core songwriting duo, vocalist Tracey Holland and guitarist/vocalist Chris Tye, can take from their city’s history the proof that people do notice if you make a big enough racket, and that’s exactly what they do here on the group's third EP. The first taste of this comes from brooding album opener, Couldn’t Quit It.

As Holland angrily proclaims she “couldn’t quit it / couldn’t let it go,” in a 70’s rock-inspired chorus, we’re left to wonder at whom her anger is directed. The tension is rising in San Francisco, and Couldn’t Quit It is Vandella battening down the hatches and standing firm at their city’s side. Better days are inevitable, and if there’s only one rock band left to represent San Francisco after the bubble bursts, it’ll be Vandella.

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