Who Can Sleep - First Date EP

Release date: January 20th 2017

Artist Information

  • Label: self-released
  • Genre: indie pop
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Influences: David Bowie, Arcade Fire, PJ Harvey
  • Sounds like: Lykke Li, The War on Drugs, Sharon Van Etten


November 7th, 2015. The world was finally stirring after nearly a decade drifting through the heavy sleep of folk revival. Lexie Helgerson and Dean Vivirito were taking an evening walk through Atwater Village after a long day doing whatever people do for work when they’re young and living in LA. Probably something ambiguous like photography coordination or spatial design ideation.

Then, in an instant, the two were illuminated from above. Their eyes rose to the sky to see a beautiful sphere of light. They stood in silence as the orb traveled rapidly north, leaving expanding trails of light in its wake.

This is it, they thought. Aliens. Their speculation seemed to be confirmed when they rushed home and were unable to find information about the lights online.

Lexie retreated to her room with her guitar and reemerged an hour later having written a new song. That very night, they took it into Dean's recording space to begin filling in the arrangements and Who Can Sleep was formed.

The world would later realize that what they witnessed that night were merely naval missile tests, but for Who Can Sleep, as for countless others before them, inspiration had come from watching lights in the sky.

The band will celebrate the release of their debut EP - First Date - with a release show January 21st at Art Share in Los Angeles.

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