Divining Rod - Return to Crystal Cove LP

Release date: April 5th 2019

Artist Information

  • Label: Kilipaki Records
  • Genre: Indie Americana
  • Hometown: Hudson Valley, NY
  • Influences: Neil Young & Crazy Horse,Merle Haggard, The Cure
  • Sounds like: Hiss Golden Messenger, Jason Isbell, Father John Misty


“Writing music to me is like exercise – you have to do it every day, whenever you can, and you just have to keep doing it. I think that’s the most important part of writing of any kind,” says Miyuki Furtado, singer and songwriter of the New York-based duo Divining Rod.

Furtado is no stranger to the struggle of finding time to write. After leaving The Rogers Sisters mid-tour in Norway, he returned home just before his daughter was born. Now, in between his daughter’s naps and repairing the old house north of New York where he lives with his family, Furtado still makes time to write music.

A self-described musical omnivore, Furtado grew up in Hawaii, where country, reggae, and hip-hop were popular, shaping his tastes and defining his style in the early aughts of his life. Now, Divining Rod is preparing to release their first LP, Return to Crystal Cove, wherein Furtado and bandmate Patrick Harmon have fashioned something truly unique, stuffing a grab bag full of influences ranging from Kris Kristofferson to Sonic Youth into a journey through moments both significant and insignificant in Furtado’s life.

Inspired lyrically by Furtado’s Hawaiian upbringing, snippets of New York City life, and the challenges of fatherhood (among other things), Return to Crystal Cove is due for release in November 2018. And it’s an absolute pleasure to behold: an evocative expedition full of strong melodic stylings, highly ocular lyrics, and redolent soundscapes that are sure to inspire connection and hope in those who listen.

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