Glass Heart String Choir - Light EP

Artist Information

  • Label: self-released
  • Genre: chamber pop
  • Hometown: Seattle, WA
  • Influences: Leonard Cohen, Jocelyn Pook, Hector Berlioz
  • Sounds like: Björk, Radiohead, Devotchka


Ian Williams’ and Katie Mosehauer’s meticulous songwriting and production make up the centrifuge around which Glass Heart String Choir’s music spins.

The roles have been established over ten years of collaboration: Ian writes the lyrics, assembling songs into rawbone skeletons. He sends them to Katie, who adds flavor and layering. The song bounces back and forth, back and forth: Ian, the messenger, Katie the interpreter. Eventually, all the pieces are in place. Having built their own studio four years ago in hopes of creating a space where they could freely experiment with technique and sound layering, Glass Heart String Choir are able to take their time engineering and mixing, capturing every feature flawlessly.

New EP Light – engineered to perfection – deals in many ways with insecurity. Threaded primarily around uncertainty, anxiety, and the feelings of inability that come alongside not being able to capture beauty in a way that does it justice, Glass Heart String Choir nonetheless gorgeous EP is lush and layered, playing with surging vocals over baroque musical sheets, weaving together intricate stories that express leveling doubt. Pieced together meticulously by two classically trained composers, it’s a testament to the band’s sensitivity and work ethic: a tonal masterpiece that grounds listeners in reality as it flies them away with wonderment.

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