One High Five - Nerd Wax single

Release date: March 5th 2021

Artist Information

  • Label: self-released
  • Genre: Pop Punk / Alternative
  • Hometown: Long Beach, CA
  • Influences: Green Day, King Tuff, NOFX, the Strokes
  • Sounds like: Elvis Costello, Pup, Presidents of USA, The Fratellis, Green Day


One High Five, the Long Beach, CA-based indie pop-punk band energized by the likes of King Tuff, Ok Go, and NOFX, release their newest single, Nerd Wax, on March 5th, 2021.

Reactions to life-changing events create unique experiences. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic and quarantine, One High Five’s singer/songwriter David Sauer turned inward to study philosophy and himself to navigate the surrounding chaos. Sauer explores his psyche with "Nerd Wax," their latest single inspired by Nietzsche’s theory, "he who has a why to live can bear almost any how." The results are front-row seats to a journey of discovering strength and learning what is important to your life.

“I’ve been eating mental vegetables to level up my principles,” David remarks. “I’m very curious about fate versus destiny and am open to identifying personal weaknesses to grow and gain control when it seems there is none. It’s very weird and borderline fun."

Nerd Wax is the first of three upcoming singles recorded during the quarantine that forced the band to explore creative ways to progress. Touring drummer, Michael Malinowski, recorded and live-streamed drums cross-country from Virginia to Sauer's home studio. Sauer accomplished guitars and vocals in socially distant conditions and used Fiverr to support fellow musicians and receive additional instrumentation.

Previously, One High Five independently released Beardlip, their blistering sophomore album that “bursts at every seam with infectious energy” (Happy Mag) and their debut, Here, Hear, praised with “layered guitars, well-honed orchestration, and appealing harmonies" (Indie Rock Cafe). In 2021, Sauer released a live EP from the Beardlip tour and has been featured on compilation discs and films, including the horror movie, The Lost Lake. One High Five has self-produced two tours with festival performances at CMJ and Broke LA.

Nerd Wax sinks ambitious clenched teeth lyrical curiosity into pulsating hot lava indie-rock. Grinding fuzz bass and bombastic drums propel the listener through playful twists on tempo, energy, and mood. “Nerd Wax as a phrase represents being jumbled up in your mind,” David reveals. “The music reflects both the slog and freedom that come from the process of personal discovery.” Nerd Wax was mixed by Jonny Bell (Crystal Antlers, Hanni El Khatib), and mastered by Carl Saff (Sub Pop, Matador Records).




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